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Self-Cleaning Buildings and Other Ideas from Nature

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In the natural environment, every structure and every thing, plays its part in an ecological system that perpetually recycles nutrients and pollution. Why should the human built environment be any different? The idea that buildings, materials and urbanism can actually do something good is a hallmark of current thinking on sustainability. Take for instance, the […]

Let the sun shine in

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Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. Louisa May Alcott Every day, the sun comes up. Regular as clockwork. It is clockwork, in factsolar cycles were the foundation of human measurement of time. Most of civilizations energy derives from the sun, too: petroleum, hydropower, coal, and so much more. So why do […]

Changes A Year Brings: The Trials and Successes of 2010

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It seems improbable that 2010 is already careening toward Thanksgiving. The changes a year brings are amazing. Theres a lot to be grateful for, but also a lot that needs improvement. This year has been challenging for many of us, and those trials have spurred an especially high level of forward thinking activity. Among two […]

Renewable Energy 2050: Learning from International Lessons

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America is not leading the pack when it comes to renewable energy. Despite all our greenest intentions, European countries are much further along, and Asia is catching up fast. While every country has its own needs and priorities, long-term sustainability in the face of climate change is a global concern. Whats holding us back in […]

A doctor, an architect, and a biologist walk into a bar…

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…or, rather, a laboratory. Sounds like the start to a potentially bad joke, right? But a few visionary thinkers in these fields are currently mixing a up cocktail of design, architecture and biochemistry with a dash of science fiction. Dr. Rachel Armstrong gave the talk below (and many other lectures like it) last year to […]

Buildings: A smart, efficient way to act local, think global?

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A quick pop quiz question: What has the largest potential for greenhouse gas emissions reductions and is the cheapest and most effective way to do it? The answer? Its all around us quite literally. Its the buildings we live and work in. If youre surprised by that, its no wonder: take recent climate change negotiations […]