Neenan STAR Safety Program

      The Neenan Company has developed a behavioral based Safety program: STAR Safety – Safety Through and Active Role. The STAR Safety program has been integrated into the culture of Archistruction®.


    Helps maintain the construction schedule by reducing the likelihood of work stoppage due to unexpected incidents. This is made possible because of the safety training that we offer our subcontractors and the safety training required of our Project Team Personnel.
    Promotes collaboration through required job hazard analysis and development of safe job procedures, which occur during the planning of the work.
    Improves morale and team interaction by enabling a caring environment to exist. This helps build trust and opens the lines of communication for identifying and removing barriers to improved performance.
    Adds value for our client by showing them proven methods for addressing safety issues that could enhance their business processes.

“Of all the jobs I have ever worked on, I never found a company that follows safety standards like The Neenan Company. The Neenan Company has a very high standard.” -A Neenan subcontractor