Working With The Neenan Company

We believe in providing innovative solutions by challenging and being challenged. This requires trusting interaction between all design consultants, subcontractors, and Neenan team members. Partners of The Neenan Company need to be:

    Effective, it’s not about being right. There are multiple solutions to any problem with varying consensuses with each solution. We work out solutions as a team, which may mean that your discipline will not be optimized.
    Not being passive, isolated or too individualistic, or allowing a team member to be that way. We expect you to speak up in meetings and express your concerns by being mature and competent. We expect creative solutions, this requires brainstorming, and out‐of‐the‐box ideas; no ideas are bad ideas. We want a safe environment that allow for openness, not grudges. Design‐build subcontractors shall challenge their engineers, not be order‐takers.
    Not missing your commitments without renegotiating. We all have other work and sometimes emergencies occur. If this happens, we want you to renegotiate as soon as you can. This allows for others to plan and renegotiate their work.
    Not being too safe or conservative, and not following the conventional wisdom. For some, this may sound a little crazy, but we find that having too much contingency, safety factor, or designing it because that’s how we did it the last time creates waste. We expect people to talk openly about these issues so that the overall project meets required safety issues and owner requirements.
    Not trying to solve in‐depth problems by yourself. As a team player, you affect many others. Communicate your problems so that the whole is optimized.
    Know other team players and communicate with them. If you are an HVAC subcontractor, know that that you are typically the largest electrical load on the building. Communicate your information to the electrician.
    Win/Win attitude. Through the course of a project, some subcontractors may gain scope while others lose scope, but the key is for each to make a reasonable profit and definitely not lose money. We look for missing scope for your success.

The Neenan Company understands that our partners typically make their profit‐based efficiency in labor. We work with you to maximize labor efficiency through well‐planned and organized jobsites, organized meetings, and working out all details before an activity begins.

How does Neenan select our partners?
Neenan’s preference is to avoid the “public” approach; instead, we prequalify our partners and usually get three to four bidders per scope. That means you are competing with reputable firms. We also will single source partners that provide high value to a project.