Matt Brooksmith will be your main point of contact. Matt has extensive experience in design and construction and has been with The Neenan Company since 2004. Matt’s responsibilities have been to provide an integrated design process, collaborating with owners, engineers and builders. He has developed an appreciation for this process as it brings the team together to create successful end results for the client. Matt uses his ability to hand sketch, speak in public and generate effective conversations in order to facilitate creative problem recognition and visualize solutions that support client goals. Matt has a Bachelor of Architecture from Montana State University.


  • Skyview Campus in Thornton provides people with a full spectrum of small group spaces, individual work zones, project centers, and areas for presentations. Flexible furniture, tackable wall surfaces, and white boards promote comfort for optimal performance. This LEED Gold Certified campus is rooted with an outdoor amphitheater and pedestrian boulevard.
  • The Vancouver Clinic at Salmon Creek employs buildings as vehicles for change, enabling the deployment of recruiting, staffing and new operational processes in order to improve outcomes. A daylit galleria dominates the core of this two-story facility providing spaces to gather. Active design principles encourage the use of well-crafted staircases rather than walking over to an elevator.
  • Garfield County Human Services features a daylight office atrium with flexible workspaces and a community training room to serve the community of Rifle, Colorado.



Megan’s goal is to create innovative and inviting spaces that are unique to the client and function of the space. Her background in Interior Design has given her valuable experience; this enables Megan to effectively interpret information from clients and translate that information into functional, efficient spaces. She also has the prowess to use simulation technology to model workflow. Megan has worked at The Neenan Company since 2007. Megan has a Bachelor of Interior Design from the University of Arkansas.


  • A 21st century work environment that pushes people to collaborate, fosters wellbeing, and improves outcomes. The Colorado Department of Transportation Region 4 HQ is designed to encourage senior staff to mentor junior staff with its first new office building in more than 30 years. The 40,000 square foot office is currently in design and will be constructed in Greeley, Colorado. CDOT is targeting LEED Certification.
  • According to David Lane, Chief Technology Officer, “The facility enables enhanced productivity that improved our competitiveness.” OnCore Manufacturing Services was constrained by its previous facility, and needed a larger site to accommodate their growth. We worked with OnCore to improve the work environment in the office spaces as well as on the manufacturing floor with natural light, and mood-lifting colors.
  • Nimble design is essential with many cutting-edge organizations. Abound Solar fit the entrepreneurial spirit with rapidly changing scope, regulations, and timelines. Through intentional phases, the design team retrofitted an existing facility to accommodate 24/7 operations. Moving was scheduled into short timelines to ensure zero impact on existing operations and production.



Dreams are born at the conceptual design phase.  This is the chance to get creative and embrace the importance of creativity in the day to day.  Bob loves the moment when the client walks into the built spaces and he can see in their eyes that they are experiencing a space and environment that is beyond their expectations. The surprise factor, the magic, it is what makes his work rewarding.  He is honored as a “Friend of Historic Preservation” by the City of Fort Collins. Bob has been part of the Neenan team since 1982 and has designed more than 25 landmark projects. Bob has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior and Graphic Design from Colorado State University.


  • Powerhouse Energy Campus is “a grand social experiment” according to director Dr. Bryan Willson. The LEED Platinum targeted facility features open flexible workspaces to bolster innovation. The facility encourages experimentation with exposed systems that can be easily modified. Many of the LED lights are mounted with magnets for flexibility. Engineering News Record has highlighted this as one of the top three projects in the Mountain States Region.
  • The LEED Gold Certified Slocum Center intertwines health into its workspace with daylighing, active design, a PVC free environment, and fresh air systems. Once a blight area, this building was the tipping point to revitalization between downtown Eugene, Oregon and Oregon University. The sustainability and design of this facility has been honored by the Mayor of Eugene, the Eugene Chamber of Commerce, and BetterBricks Oregon.
  • The USA Headquarters of JBS Swift was completed in two phases. Open, flexible workspaces are daylit with views of the Rocky Mountains. Reflections of the western landscape are carried through the exterior image, state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen, and high-tech training room. Streamlined technology connects to offices, clients, and partners around the world.



David Kurtz chose a career in architecture because he liked to draw. But his interest quickly expanded when he came to understand how much architecture has to do with people, and how a building can enable people to do more. David says, “Architecture is about how people interact within a space; how people feel in that space; it is the philosophical things that happen within a building.”David has been a designer with Neenan for 15 years. David has a Master of Architecture and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design from Montana State University.


  • Serendipitous spaces are sprinkled throughout Xilinx. With a vision to foster innovation and draw engineers away from their desks to have cross-discipline conversations, the campus includes flexible coffee shop style spaces and a conference center to “produce the next great patent”. Xilinx wanted to create a corporate campus to attract and retain a quality workforce with the belief that a single employee-developed patent could pay for the whole facility.
  • Great ideas overlap, and don’t fit into neat departments. With this belief, a next generation space is designed where art intertwines into technology and science. Monte Vista High School leadership wanted to contrast their community and create a modern facility to inspire students to explore the world of greater opportunities. The design team created a LEED Gold Certified facility with a project focus and multipurpose spaces.
  • Speed was the driving force behind the Flextronics corporate office. The design team created a plan that allowed the 128,000 square foot facility to be constructed in just six months. Interior windows pull daylight deep into the core of the Longmont facility.