The Vancouver Clinics

  •        Since 2003, Neenan has worked with the clinic to create a comprehensive real estate strategy and transform their physical image in the community. The result has been a significant growth in market share and four new clinics, totaling nearly 350,000 square feet.

           The Vancouver Clinic employs buildings as vehicles for change; enabling the deployment of recruiting, staffing and new operational processes in order to improve utilization and throughput. The facilities embody the spirit of the clinic and create an image, familiarity and adaptability for the rapidly changing world of a “super clinic.”

           All four new clinics include consistent architectural features that make Vancouver Clinic buildings unique, recognizable to the community, and easy to navigate for patients visiting multiple locations. With each new clinic, the team utilized continuous improvement techniques to make efficient improvements on the previous building’s design and construction plans.

           The design of the medical modules within each clinic is based on real patient data. Neenan designers studied how patients move through an ambulatory facility most efficiently and comfortably, and created a medical module design that maximizes staff productivity and patient-centered care. Designers also worked to bring the outdoors inside to create a warm, inviting environment throughout the building. The central galleria running through the “spine” of each facility brings an abundance of natural light to all areas of the clinics.

    The Vancouver Clinic at Battle Ground

    48,900 square feet
    Location: Battle Ground, Washington

    The Vancouver Clinic at 87th Avenue

    138,300 square feet
    Location: Vancouver, Washington

    The Vancouver Clinic at Salmon Creek

    90,800 square feet
    Location: Vancouver, Washington

    The Vancouver Clinic at Columbia Tech Center

    66,800 square feet
    Location: Vancouver, Washington