Melissa Memorial Hospital

  • Challenged with providing 85% of their outpatient services in an inadequate inpatient facility, Melissa Memorial contracted with The Neenan Company to assess and determine relative strengths and costs of a new replacement facility versus investment in a significant renovation of their existing hospital and clinic.

    Together with Stroudwater Associates and Charles Ervin, Mortgage Banker, Neenan led a strategic financial performance evaluation that served to model financial projections, define financing capacity and total available funds for their project. With this plan in place, the team secured a HUD 242 Federal Loan guarantee for the replacement hospital.

    The current hospital is designed to avoid ‘traffic jams’ among patients entering the hospital for varying levels of healthcare, including outpatient clinic services and admission to the 15-bed inpatient section. In addition, the hospital’s family practice clinic, once a stand-alone building, is now co-located in the hospital building. The new, fully equipped hospital ushers in a healing environment for patients and a new era of economic vitality and reinvestment for Holyoke, Colorado.

    48,500 square feet
    Location: Holyoke, Colorado