Deer Lodge Medical Center

  • Seeking to recapture patients from its 6,480 service area residents that were leaving for care in Butte and Missoula, the board sought a consortium of firms to help. Stroudwater Associates, The Neenan Company and Dougherty Mortgage led a market needs assessment, a strategic planning session for recapturing patient care, and a recruitment plan for primary care and specialty practitioners.

    The new Deer Lodge Medical Center replaced the existing Powell County Medical Center, which provided medical services to communities in the Deer Lodge Valley since 1964. Services provided in the new facility include emergency department, laboratory, surgery, imaging, physical therapy and clinic services. The hospital also features 16 inpatient beds for overnight patient stays.

    The interior design of the facility is dedicated to wellness, utilizing soothing colors and promoting a quiet atmosphere. The main galleria of the new hospital will have a look and feel like a Montana lodge, providing a comfortable environment and a strong link to the local community.

    43,000 square feet
    Location: Deer Lodge, Montana