Coquille Valley Hospital

  • Coquille is set amidst the foothills of coastal mountains with an adjacent river, which necessitated the new hospital to be sited on a 45-foot sloping hillside between the existing hospital and clinic. The new, three-story facility includes 9,000 SF of covered parking and serves the aging, retirement communities of Coquille, Myrtle Point, and Powers, some 12,500 residents.
    The replacement hospital features private, single occupancy, patient rooms; OB department; emergency department; imaging including X-ray, mammography, dexa scan, ultrasound, CT, and MRI; a three OR surgery suite; lab; pharmacy; physical, cardiac and respiratory therapy; administration; and space for patient, family, staff and community education.
    The team completed a market needs assessment and developed strategies to attract local patients who were leaving the area to neighboring hospitals to receive their care. The hospital opened in the Spring of 2012.

    60,000 square feet
    Location: Coquille, Oregon