Cambridge Memorial Hospital

  •        Tri Valley Health System has been featured in the Wall Street Journal for its forward-thinking continuum of integrated care. Their regional clinics, senior housing, wellness center, assisted living center, nursing home and hospital serve 12,185 residents in south central Nebraska.

           The board struggled to deliver outpatient care from its 1957 vintage inpatient hospital. After facility-related medical errors and a patient room fire due to an aged electrical system, the board embarked on a replacement. They conducted a market needs assessment, strategized to capture out migrating care and sized their facility to a sustainable operation.

           The new hospital links through a wellness center and dining remodel of the former hospital to their nursing home. Outpatient services are enhanced with a two operating rooms; imaging services featuring a 64 slice CT, X-ray, ultra sound, mammography, and dexa scan; two trauma rooms; emergency department with two exam rooms; physical, cardiac and respiratory therapy; lab; single occupancy inpatient rooms; and OB department. Since its opening in October 2010, utilization and profitability has been at a record pace.

    52,000 square feet
    Location: Cambridge, Nebraska