Healthcare Testimonials

“If you get down to just revenue producing and patient care space of this facility, I would put it up against anything. I don’t think there is anything as efficiently designed as this facility, which really translates to lower unit cost per service you are providing.”

-Dr. Randall Huss, President of St. John’s Clinic−Rolla Division

“The Neenan Company’s true value is having vast knowledge of healthcare facilities needs. The company’s ability to coordinate a design and building process works because the Neenan folks spend lots of time listening. They have the ability to negotiate and bring to the table in a very tailored way different players and respond throughout the construction process to our individual needs so there are no delays through the design and construction process.”

-Dr. Randy Everett, Urology Center of the Rockies

“I witnessed a high level of integrity, professionalism and commitment to service during the course of the project. The Neenan Company has remarkable talents for business, management, and communication. Neenan was one of the best companies I have ever dealt with from a change-order and work scheduling perspective.”

-Kate Othus, MHA, Administrator, Portland Dermatology Clinic

“It is without reservations that I recommend The Neenan Company for any design-build project. The Neenan Company is an excellent company staffed with the most knowledgeable and dedicated staff who make it a pleasurable experience in a challenging process. Their professionalism, accessibility, and reliability are among their greatest attributes.”

-Miguel Treviño, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Gateway Community Health Center

“Our community sees the possibilities that a rural hospital can provide for exceptional healthcare. The response to patient and family needs has been dramatic and we have also created a structure that can accommodate our growth for our outpatient services, clinic division and inpatient hospitalization. All these areas can expand without interrupting our new entrances or major pedestrian, traffic patterns. The flexibility of design will serve us well for at least 25 years in the future.”

-Russ Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center

“We’re thrilled to have The Neenan Company be part of this project. They bring a wealth of experience and talent to a project like this and have been a great partner.”

-Rulon Stacey, President & CEO, Poudre Valley Health System

“All of our expectations were met and surpassed by your sincerity and professionalism. We hope we have the pleasure and opportunity to work together sometime in the future. You are a true partner and friend for us here at Kit Carson Memorial Hospital.”

-Norbert Ohnmacht, Chairman of the Board, Kit Carson County Memorial Hospital