The Vancouver Clinics

Excellence in ambulatory clinics is built around patient-centered care, staff productivity and the flexibility to adapt to a changing healthcare delivery environment


Recognized nationally for high quality patient service and cost effective care, the Vancouver Clinic is the largest privately held multi-specialty medical group in southwest Washington.

Growing and expanding, the Clinic needed a project prototype that would create a brand experience focused on hospitality and wellness.

For over 65 years its medical providers have delivered outstanding care, and the Clinic is recognized nationally for the quality of patient service and clinical programs.  The organization has two essential long-term goals: compassionate care and cost effective care.  The new buildings satisfy both – high quality solutions that also address long-term expansion needs.

Key criteria? Consistency of architecture, interior design and smart traffic flow, and an environment that engenders patient familiarity and comfort regardless of facility location. Plus, the buildings needed to be designed for seamless efficiency and with advancing technology in mind.

The first building was completed in 2004, and Neenan designed and built three additional clinics totaling over 350,000 sf.



The theme for the facilities was derived from the Pacific Northwest imagery and landscape; incorporating regional colors and materials, textures, water and natural light to define a “pathway for wellness.”  Repetitive architectural forms and elements link the exterior to the interior.  Additionally, extensive glazing daylights in the public spaces constantly remind users of the natural beauty of the region.

Neenan designers studied how patients move through an ambulatory facility most efficiently and comfortably and created a medical module design that maximizes productivity and patient-centered care.

To promote a sense of hospitality for the patient and family, the entrances open into a spacious two-story atrium, the focal point of the design solution.  Glass ends and clerestory windows flank the barrel ceiling and create a unique atrium, which becomes the circulation spine for the clinic.  Day-lighting and water features contribute to create the wellness environment sought by the design team.

The architectural solution also required the creation of “clinical modules” for the delivery of services.  Each module can support up to six providers with as many as five present simultaneously.  Glass walls separate the modules arrival and greeting spaces.  The intent is to provide maximum privacy and comfort for patients and visitors.


Conditions of Satisfaction:

The Vancouver Clinic  Conditions of Satisfaction for the project included:

  • Functional, flexible modules
  • Efficient and attractive
  • Prototype building that creates familiarity for patients
  • Easy to maintain
  • Create unique and sustainable image and identity in community
  • Guaranteed price; no change orders
  • Building to enable new I.S. system; Electronic Medical Records
  • Quality assurance
  • Exit strategy for building
  • Design and build to a budget that does not limit the appropriate solution
  • Building to be repeatable, while meeting the aesthetics of multiple sites
  • Separation of staff and patient parking
  • Clinic is a destination; Not a drive-by drop-in clinic



  • Over eight years, Neenan built four clinics with design elements that create a consistent branding across facilities. Comfort and ease of use make the buildings enjoyable for both patients and caregivers.
  • Flexibility and efficiency are built into the design. Medical modules organize the space and allow adaptability to a wide range of medical services, from primary care and orthopedics to cardiology and pediatrics.
  • The Clinics incorporate advanced technology for administrative, medical and operational needs.  Wireless infrastructure supports electronic medical records and patient management processes.  Similarly advanced digital systems support the diagnostic imaging services.


“We are exceptionally pleased with the new building… we were able to provide a very attractive and comfortable healthcare environment for our patients and staff… we maintained our schedule and budgets while significantly adding capacity to our system and improving access for our patients,” commented Tom VanSweringen, the Vancouver Clinic Group’s CEO, “…the result has exceeded our expectations in literally every regard.”