Southside Medical Center

  •        Designed to serve more than 30,000 patients per year, Southside Medical Center’s state-of-the-art clinic replaced a 100-year-old remodeled factory. Their facility utilizes a modular design to improve navigation, patient flow and work conditions for physicians and staff. The efficient design enabled the clinic to grow from 48 points of care in the old clinic to 70 points of care in the new clinic, while decreasing the overall square footage by 13,800 SF. The design also enabled 190 clinic staff to serve the same number of patients that had taken 220 employees to serve in the old facility.

           The clinic provides a wide range of services, including urgent care, pediatrics, a women’s center, dental, radiology, adult medicine, pharmacy, laboratory, optometry, asthma services and nutrition.

           When changes to the medical services mix became necessary due to demographic changes and market growth, the flexible design of the building allowed these services to easily relocated and expanded within the building, with no actual construction renovation necessary.

    46,200 square feet
    Location: Atlanta, Georgia