Gilpin County Road and Bridge Facility

  •       The Gilpin County Transportation Facility is located in the town of Black Hawk, Colorado on a woody, 18-acre site at approximately 8,000 feet in elevation. Community leaders desired a transportation facility that respected the beautiful mountains and their surrounding environment.

          State access to energy consultants allowed Gilpin County and The Neenan Company to complete extensive energy modeling and observe payback and performance of sustainable options, including wind and solar power. The ultimate solution is a bio-mass boiler which is ideal in this wooded area, because it utilizes wood, a renewable energy alternative. Forest health is improved by thinning, and an ample supply of wood chips is available as a result of pine beetle infestation. Emissions from biomass create far less air pollution than wild fires, controlled burns, and pile burning.

          The transportation facility features seven truck bays and one wash bay that has a closed recirculation system where trucks are cleaned with filtered water and biodegradable soaps. Additional environmental features include daylighting and an Energy Star roof. The transportation facility features seven truck bays and one wash bay.

    21,700 square feet
    Location: Black Hawk, Colorado