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Leaving nothing to chance: the design-build difference

      For more than forty years, the The Neenan Company has employed an integrated delivery process that produces highly reliable results. Archistruction – a methodology uniquely suited to reducing risk – utilizes a cooperative design-build strategy; from the beginning, our entire team has a comprehensive view of the project’s building, site and systems. Potential pitfalls are identified and rectified long before they become actual problems. Archistruction also provides a vastly simplified internal communication process for our government clients, with an ability to rely on Neenan as the single point of responsibility for the project. Whether at the federal, state or local level, Neenan ensures that government projects adhere to budget, reduce waste and construction costs, and emphasize responsible stewardship of taxpayer funds. Our culture of inclusivity and collaboration also means that we strive to work with local subcontractors and small business entities, including minority-owned, veteran-owned, woman-owned and HUB-Zone businesses.

      For additional information, please contact Donna Smith.

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