Education Testimonials

“To begin with, I have been involved with educational construction projects for over 35 years. I have been involved in design, new construction, remodels, demolitions and retrofitting. I have been responsible for the new construction of three completely new high schools, five middle schools, six elementary schools, a pre-school and two alternative high schools… working with The Neenan Company is the best experience I’ve had in 35 years”.

-Dr. Dan Patterson, Retired Superintendent, Morgan County Schools

“Got the bang for our buck!”

-Dr. Marvin Foster, Superintendent, Weld County Re-5J

“In comparison to another building project I was part of, The Neenan Company does an outstanding job! I feel information is accurate, timely, and beneficial in keeping all parties informed. I feel I have more than enough information to keep up with the scope of the projects. The team of engineers, architects, managers, etc., demonstrate the responsibility they feel for the success of the project and representing Neenan to the highest quality. I can see why this format of customer service benefits the school district and it’s taxpayers. On a scale of 1-10 I would give Neenan a score of 10.”

-Nancy Karas, Superintendent, East Grand School District

“I had unpleasant past experiences with other contractors. Neenan delivered and we got a tremendous value for our dollars.”

-Phil Russell, Retired COO, Mapleton Public Schools

“The Neenan team was absolutely phenomenal. The professional manner in which they handled themselves. I’m blown away. It’s the best experience I’ve ever had with a company. That team has set the standard, I view other companies and their service differently. I don’t know if I’ll ever be satisfied with another company’s service again. Neenan is great. We are so proud of this project and Neenan, this is what we expect from ourselves, our kids and now the companies we work with.”

-Dede Schuck, Board Member, The Vanguard School

“Our District received a good value.The Neenan Company truly cares about education. They care about the learning environment. Neenan was willing to customize anything. The team was very accountable and made things right. It doesn’t matter who you call, you get an answer to your question or concern. No passing the buck. Everybody was responsible. Making effective requests. We have changed how we make and honor requests because of the example you showed us.”

-Linda Chapman, Retired Superintendent, Estes Park School District

“The dedication experience and integrity of Neenan’s onsite team far exceeded expectations. Given the significant challenges….The project most likely would have been a disaster without the level of dedication exhibited by this team. The new theater will almost certainly provide opportunity for life-changing experiences to many students and community users.”

-Bill deAlva, Owner’s Representative, Telluride School District

“Design-build has been so much better than past experiences. The process has saved money and that’s been passed on to owner”

-Dr. Marvin Wade, Former Superintendent, Weld County Re-3J