Weldon Valley School District

  • Weldon Valley School District hired The Neenan Company for three separate improvement projects on their K-12 campus.
    Phase I: Junior and Senior High School Addition
    Phase II: Elementary School Addition
    Phases I and II included major additions and demolitions of the elementary and junior/senior high school portions of the K-12 school. The design team was dedicated to creating additions that complemented the original 1908 school and are flexible for future changes in education.
    Phase III: Historic Remodel (BEST Funded and LEED EB Silver Certified)
    The final phase included a remodel of a historic 1908 school for a LEED Certified administration and community building. The design showcases out the original details of the building, including brick, keystones, panel doors, cherry wood, and moldings to pay respect to this beloved community building.

    45,300 square feet (three phases)
    Location: Weldona, Colorado
    LEED EB Silver Certified (Phase III only)