Weld RE-3J School District

  • Weld Central RE-3J is a small district that has a large physical boundary; The Neenan Company began our work with a master planning process to determine the site location of the new high school. After the master planning process, the design-build team developed a school concept that would meet the needs of students, teachers, and the community, with respect for the financial impact to taxpayers. The community embraces their small town ideals, and desired a school that provided a symbol of unity and stability.

    The building is composed of durable masonry materials, not only for ease of maintenance throughout the years, but also to provide a symbol of longevity and stability for the community. The desire for a small school feel was realized by breaking the large building into smaller parts. Within the building, wings of the school have entry ways to provide identification and simple orientation. Masonry detailing is reminiscent of classic school buildings, but the overall openness gives the school a more modern outlook. A pod layout with a large central commons area benefits the staff with ease of supervision, while creating a collaborative meeting space.

    172,000 square feet
    Location: Keenesburg, Colorado