East Grand School District

  • East Grand School District hired The Neenan Company as their design-builder twice. The first phase was a new full service bus maintenance facility and remodels to Granby Elementary School. For the second phase, East Grand wanted to modernize their existing school facilities; a series of additions and remodels were planned to improve safety, reduce student overcrowding, and enhance the learning environment. Major additions and remodels to Middle Park High School, Fraser Valley Elementary School, and Granby Elementary School were completed. The Neenan Company helped the school district to pass bonds for both phases.

    Middle Park High School is located in the Rocky Mountains, where snow often covers the outdoor track. Designers placed the new gymnasium next to their existing gymnasium; a movable wall in between the two gyms opens to create a large indoor track loop around the perimeter that enables year-round indoor training. A combined cafeteria and commons space was created by blending the existing cafeteria functions and adding new elements and finishes. This space now serves as the main entrance and a hub for students and the community.

    At Fraser Valley and Granby Elementary School, new classroom wings were added and remodeled entryways improve building security. In Granby Elementary School, the team used different shapes to help young students navigate the building. Rather than looking for specific room numbers, children can identify their classroom by a specific shape is evident in the windows, flooring, and soffits.

    East Grand School District Phase Two:

    60,700 square feet (three schools)


    East Grand School District Phase One:

    35,000 square feet (transportation facility and elementary remodel)
    Location: Granby, Colorado