Akron R-1 School District

  • During a compact two-month master planning and grant application process, Neenan worked with Akron School District and the community of Akron to evaluate options for the school facilities. The community has strong ties to their existing field house facility, so the team focused on options to renovate that space and add a new school around it. This effort engaged the community to pass their first bond in over 50 years.

    Akron School District is consolidating to a single campus and eliminating the daily safety hazards of students crossing the state highway. A mix of renovation and new construction allows the school district to keep the best of the old while incorporating 21st Century learning, technology, and sustainable elements. The school will be LEED Gold certified.

    The school is designed with a community focus for public events and sports tournaments. The remodeled field house features a competition size court with a small court at one end for flexible use. Daylit classrooms will serve students well into the 21st century and have infrastructure to add future technology.

    98,400 square feet
    Location: Akron, Colorado
    LEED Gold certification targeted