Digging into Better Healthcare

Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center is breaking ground on facility improvements

WALSENBURG, CO – On August 15, 2012, Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center (SPRHC) began construction to expand its emergency department for a better patient experience, improved safety and privacy. As a regional healthcare facility, SPRHC must continue changing to independently support the medical needs of the community. Construction will be complete in the Spring of 2013.

The existing emergency department will be remodeled, with 3,600 square foot expansion, creating a separate outpatient entrance with closer parking, a new check-in, enhanced outpatient imaging, a new ambulance bay and relocated PT/OT as well as cardiopulmonary care.  A 1,887 square foot shell space will be constructed for future surgical expansion.

A strategic market study identified a need for SPRHC to expand primary, secondary, and emergency care. Patients are leaving the region for these services. A team of rural hospital experts, including Stroudwater Associates, Dougherty Mortgage, and The Neenan Company, (the design-builder for the SPRHC facility improvements) worked with SPRHC to complete the strategic market study, secure financing, and design the facility improvements.