Commercial Testimonials

“I have been impressed by Neenan’s willingness to redesign certain systems to meet the university’s goal of providing leadership in sustainable building. It has been fascinating working with Neenan. We have questioned every piece of how we build buildings. Nothing has been left off the table.”

-Dr. Bryan Willson, Director, Powerhouse Energy Campus at CSU

“We chose Neenan because of your unique approach of design/build, or as you call it “archistruction” and this process proved very beneficial to our project. From the beginning, we felt we had partners that sought to understand our needs and to find solutions that brought us the best results in a cost-efficient manner. Your architects understood, appreciated and caught the essence of our historic buildings, designing new buildings with the same look and thereby creating a strong “campus” feel at our center. We got so much more for our money tan we ever anticipated, both in terms of quality and additional upgrades”

-M. Kent Meyer, President/CEO, YMCA of the Rockies

“It has been my pleasure to work with The Neenan Company. Their fundamental understanding of and genuine concern for us and our beer process made it possible for Neenan to steer the project in New Belgium’s best interest.”

-Jim Spencer, Director of Engineering, New Belgium Brewing Company

“This project was a resounding success. It’s absolutely unheard of in mountain construction to complete a project in six months. In the world of development, it’s a pleasure to say, ‘on time and on budget.’ Key to the project was the integrated design-build talent of The Neenan Company.”

-Joe Enzer, Construction Manager, Related WestPac

“I will start by saying simply “WOW”! Neenan’s unique concept design, analysis of customer needs and wants, attention to detail, collaboration, value engineering, one-point responsibility, effective and pleasant construction team and sub contractors, project quality assurance and surpassing Group’s expectations is unique, outstanding and a one-of-a-kind experience in the building design and construction industry.”

-Troy Stromme, Former Vice President, Group Publishing


“The computer animations and the demonstrations of what it WILL look like were key. 3D made the decisions so much easier. Neenan always working on design to meet expectations, rather than prescribe something “Neenan” wanted to build.”

-Bill Swails, Owner, Earthroamer