Boat Team Information


  • $500 per team
    • Includes one boat
    • $100 per additional boat


  • Interested in a food or drink sponsorship?  Please email Sara Coutts.

Boat Construction Materials Permitted:

  • Corrugated Cardboard: paper based; no wax covered/pre-treated
  • Spray glue or adhesive
  • Duct tape
  • Decoration with markers and paint only (no painting the day of the race)


  • Two person occupant minimum; no maximum; must be 16 yrs or older
  • Each person in the boat MUST wear a life jacket (provided by team)
  • No body parts allowed in the water
  • To qualify as a finisher all people must finish that started in the boat
  • It will be a timed event
  • Dryland start
  • Water guns allowed but NO water balloons
  • Our basic request is that you show respect to the event location by keeping the ground and the water clean of trash and debris.

Other Activities

  • Lawn games
  • Sand castle building area (bring your own supplies)

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