New Belgium Brewing Co.

  • A commitment to the environment through the use of new and appropriate technologies is threaded throughout the operations of New Belgium Brewing Company. With each expansion of their facility, New Belgium has constantly challenged design and construction to push the envelope to develop more and better environmental ideas and practices.

    The original brewery and headquarters, completed in 1995, is a state-of-the-art craft brewery complex located on a 50-acre campus. The facility design combines heavy timber elements with a turn-of-the-century “plains” design theme.

    Since that original project, The Neenan Company has worked with New Belgium on the several facility improvements, renovations, and expansions, including:

      • original brewhouse
      • liquid center
      • wastewater treatment
      • brewhouse two
      • malt building
      • warehouse expansion
      • cellar expansions
      • canning line addition
      • central utility plant
      • office addition
      • microbiology, analytical, and instrumentation lab expansions

    The entire brewery campus, both interior and exterior, was built in a 3D animation and modeling program to explore expansion opportunities for their ever-changing site. The model allows brewery leadership to visualize possibilities and options of design, cost and scheduling before making a large investment.

    112,200 square feet (multiple buildings)
    Location: Fort Collins, Colorado