Neenan Co. wins Urban Design Award from Fort Collins

November 18-December 1, 2015
Colorado Real Estate Journal

Neenan Co. wins Urban Design Award from Fort Collins

The Neenan Co. recently was awarded the 2015 Urban Design Award for Sustainable Design by the city of Fort Collins for its work on Colorado State University’s Powerhouse Energy Campus.

The Neenan Co. was honored with this biennial award that recognizes projects that improve the quality of life in Fort Collins. The firm oversaw the design and construction of the project. The Powerhouse Energy Campus is CSU’s expanded research facility, which includes the remodeled Engines and Energy Conversion Lab and a 65,000-square-foot addition that houses new office and research space. The project achieved LEED Platinum status, a goal that guided all of The Neenan Co.’s design and construction decisions throughout the process. The Neenan Co. also utilized a holistic approach and comprehensive modeling to achieve the building’s performance standards, the firm added.

‘Powerhouse co-directors Dr. Willson and Dr. Morgan DeFoort took a bold step and presented us with a valuable opportunity for new development and leadership in the realm of building systems and building behavior.’    – Bob Hosanna, The Neenan Co.

The LEED design features of the project include the building’s rooftop, which incorporates solar panels and wind turbines to create energy and boost the building’s long-term sustainability, a 26-mile tubing network circulating chilled water throughout the building’s structural system and into the caisson foundation rather than a traditional air conditioning system, an exterior of pre-finished interlocking metal panels to prevent air leakage from the interior, fiberglass window frames and glass panes for a higher efficiency rating, and customized low-voltage LED lights that attach to the ceiling with magnets and whose heat is absorbed by the floor slabs and redistributed throughout the building. The system design significantly decreased project costs and the campus achieves about 50 to 55 percent energy savings.

“Powerhouse co-directors Dr. Willson and Dr. Morgan DeFoort took a bold step and presented us with a valuable opportunity for new development and leadership in the realm of building systems and building behavior,” said Bob Hosanna, architect for The Neenan Co.

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