Basic Training for Mutants

Basic Training for Mutants is led by David Neenan, founder of The Neenan Company and international workshop leader. David believes you can have your soul AND make money. His commitment to his own personal and professional development, as well as his continually expanding success, make him a popular and highly respected leader. David Neenan is hosting his first seminar in the United States since 2010.

First time attendees register here ($300 course fee)
Reviewers or past Business and You attendees register here ($100 course fee)


FRIDAY 9/18: You will learn that mistakes are great moments, the power of workflow, the wisdom of Buckminster Fuller, the leadership diamond, the Power of Words, and more.  He has honed his content from the renowned Business and You seminar to teach in a single day.

SATURDAY 9/19: Challenge yourself with the E Game which captures the essence of a Black Swan Event that The Neenan Company went through four years ago. That evening we will have a Poetry Night to celebrate. Please come with your favorite poem.

9/18 from 8AM to 10PM
9/19 from 9AM  into the evening
Breaks will be provided for meals on your own.