Advanced Technology

Exploring possibilities from inspiration to innovation

Imagine having the ability to experience a building before construction even begins. At Neenan, we do just that. We build every building at least twice. Before we break ground on a construction site, the project is designed and built in a virtual environment. Workflow modeling software helps us test flow patterns and validate assumptions on how employees, students or patients will move through the space. Digital 3D animations and architectural visualizations allow our clients to experience their building before it is built, enabling them to make better decisions on everything from exterior architecture to interior finishes. Energy modeling calculates future utility bills and daylighting of different spaces, based on the position of the building and predictable light and heat patterns. Our teams use Building Information Modeling (BIM) to detect costly conflicts in building systems before they happen in the field. After construction begins, our field superintendents use iPads on the construction site to compare actual installation to the model. Advanced technology used by Neenan teams everyday is more than just fancy tools. They are instruments that turn ideas into innovative, actionable solutions to help you build your future.

Video Links:
Stillwater Community Hospital
Skyview Campus for Mapleton Public Schools
Apartment Interior at Night
YMCA of the Rockies Campus
The Vancouver Clinic at 87th Avenue

Videos Created by Neenan 3D Designers for Hewlett Packard:
Quad Core World Tour
Workstation Domination