High performance buildings that make a difference

Our goal on every project is to provide the best built environment for our clients, and sustainable buildings are certainly best in many ways—they save money, they safeguard natural resources, and they offer something to be proud of for everyone. Especially the communities in which we operate: After all, sustainability is about preserving and improving local communities.

Through Archistruction, The Neenan Company provides options to balance budgets and your environmental impact. By rethinking how people build, live and work, we create responsible, efficient, healthy and productive building environments for today and tomorrow. From water conservation and energy efficiency to efficient design and construction site recycling, our sustainable solutions have provided our clients with decreased operational costs, more productive work spaces, and improved image in the community.

Most importantly, we practice what we preach. Neenan has been a partner with the City of Fort Collins ClimateWise program since 2005. Our corporate headquarters serves as an experimental lab for us to test new eco-friendly products and systems. We’re also the city’s reigning Bike to Work Day champion, with 98% employee participation.