$500 Donation from The Neenan Company Kickstarts Non Profit Veterinary Clnic Renovation

Fort Collins, CO – The Neenan Company Contributes Buidling Inspection and $500 Toward Needed Supplies to Benefit Non-Profit Veterinary Clinic Renovation.

It is amazing when a community comes together to support a good cause and that is exactly what Mia Voss of the Mia Connect and The Neenan Company, a Fort Collins, CO based company are doing.

The Neenan Company not only generously donated the intial buidling inspection, they gave $500 in the form of a Home Depot Gift Card.  This funding will go toward supplies that help with the renovation needed for Denkai Animal Sanctuary’s now permanent veterinary clinic located in Eaton Colorado.  Denkai Animal Sanctuary, a 501c3 not for profit, founded in 2004 began offering subsidized services on a regular basis in September of 2012.  Most recently, Denkai negotiated the purchase of the Eaton Animal Clinic located at 217 1st Street in Eaton, CO.

The Mia Connect has reached out to Greeley’s Home Depot store seeking out a matching donation in the amount of $500 that would help toward even more needed supplies for this phase of the renovation project.  So far, no word, but Denkai is holding out hope for a matching contribution for the cause!

Denkai is challenging members of the community and other corporations to consider a matching contribution that will help to cover the more than $15,000 needed in project costs for the building.  Visit: for detailed information regarding particular supplies and and work that must be completed.

For more information regarding Denkai Animal Sanctuary, its mission, volunteering to help or donating, please call (970) 217-1457 or e-mail:

Denkai Animal Sanctuary

To make a contribution:
Mail: Denkai Animal Sanctuary 36710 WCR 126  Grover, CO 80729
Online: Paypal: